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Wednesday, 23.06.2021
Start: 14:00 o'clock (CET)

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Catalogue number: 32

VW T6.1 Multivan LR 2,0 TDI 4Motion DSG "Comfortline"

Van / minibus / 4-door,

2.0 Litre, Diesel, All-wheel drive, 146 kW / 199 PS,

First registration: 11/2019



Read mileage: 7.200  km

Total number of owners: 1 Owner

Vehicle extras:
Climatronic, Leather, Satnav with map views: Discover Pro, eSitze, 1mal MEM, LED headlights, Seat heating, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Side Assist (lane change assistant), Lane Assist, Fatigue detection






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